National Quality Institute Represent the membership system for all those are interested in different quality from individuals and institution

First: The Individual Membership

Conditions that should be available:

  • High Qualification and experience in the quality field at least 3 years.
  • High Qualification and at least 3 years of experience in the field of quality system.
  • Medium Qualification (High School) and at least 7 years experience in the field of quality.

 Annual Subscription:

      Only 250 L.E

 Advantage for Individuals:

  • User granted a 30% discount rate on specialized courses held by the institute.
  • User granted a 20% discount rate on conferences and seminars held by the institution.
  • User granted free invitation  for workshops held by the National Quality Institute
  • Internal use of the Institute Library
  • Getting a Member ship Card
  • Member will have the ability to have the Institution magazine for free.

Paper Required:

  • Copy from the ID Card
  • 1 Personal Photo

Second: The Institution Membership:

Conditions that should be available:

  • The Institution is committed to the quality requirement and should have quality requirements according to the resolution 835 of 2009 or certified quality management system valid or equivalent.

Annual Subscription:

      Only 2000 L.E

Advantage for Institution:

  • Institution grants 30% discount on training courses held by the institution for 5 persons
  • The institution grant a number of one people can attend the conference for free and up to 30% discount for 3 individuals
  • Invitation to attend free Institution workshops
  • 10% discount on the consultation and training, technical support
  • Special discount on conference care held by the National Quality Institute.
  • 10% discount for the ads within the Institution magazine published by National Quality Institute.
  • The company can have the access to the institution magazine during a year for free

Paper Requirements:

  • Commercial Registry
  • Tax card
  • 2 personal photo copy from the ID card for the representative of the legal Institution

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