Institute vision

• Institute vision in spreading the quality culture

The importance of the Institute to work as a consultant

• Work as a national Non-profit service organization according to recent presidential decree under the lead of the Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
• The Institute's role as a national importance in the field of Qualification of international management systems, which is a key requirement for export and to maximize the value of exports.
• Use the qualified human resources in the field of qualification as well as experts with their expertise and managerial competencies along with the continual development of capabilities through exchange of experiences and cooperation with national & international organizations as a means to ensure international recognition on the professional capabilities and provide information in a timely manner as well as emphasis on work transparency and total impartiality with the confidentiality dealing with  customers data.
• Concerned with the role of continuous improvement and efficiency through the performance of the qualification system for certification and suggestions for improvement, orientation and follow-up compared to those companies, which relies on the revenue and profit in conjunction with poor performance.
• Contribute to the achievement of good practice in the implementation of international management systems for various entities in the country in line with international standards, market trends and customer needs.
• Excellence through the provision of services at competitive prices to help all the different levels of entities from small to large compared to those existing in the market in addition to the performance quality and the completion service time.
• Through practice found that regulators prefer to deal with governmental bodies, especially through tenders.


To be a feeder in the market for qualifying entities in private & general sectors in QMS, especially in environment, power management and information security systems in conjunction with the institute role in spreading the quality culture.

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