Qualification Approach

Qualification Planning Phases

The planning process for qualifying companies through systems to get the conformity certificates for standards requirements depends on 6 basic stages:

• Gap analysis between the company existing system and the requirements of ISO standard.
• Training of personnel through systems awareness sessions and internal audit course.
• Supervision on the system procedures and processes set
• Set the quality manual documentation
• Supervision on the system implementation
• Leading the internal audit activities and corrective & preventive actions.

PS. Facilitation of the external audit process by certification body.
Overseeing the system maintenance by continual improvement actions after hold the ISO certificate (if requested by the customer).

The Consultants Team

 A team of qualified quality consultants who hold the highest degrees and quality training certificates approved by the International Register of Certified Auditors (IRCA) and other entities eligible for quality consultants. With a large and varied experiences in providing ISO consultation in Egypt for many agencies and companies that belong to all sectors with the ability to provide quality systems consultation in both Arabic and English at the same level.

The Communication Process and Site Visit

Through a direct contact with Qualification & Consultations department or by marketing department, based on the desire of any of the parties to apply with a department services, an agreement between the administration and the party to make a field visit on site to have a vision and its needs through determine the following items: -
• A desire to apply for or establishment of a quality management system, integrated systems and technical consultation.
• The site capabilities, potential status and the requirements to proceed with
• Technical & Financial proposal.
• The Human Resources and its possibilities
• Number of company branches
• Production or services volume
• Market

Technical & Financial Proposal

After examining the request of the customer and its capabilities, providing an technical proposal including the detailed action plan for the qualification project with all tasks and time as follows:

Technical Proposal:

•  Identify stages of qualification for the quality management system
•  Action plan for the qualification project
•  The training program for qualifying the company’s human resources in system awareness, internal audit and if any other.

Financial Proposal:

• The first stage in the preparation of the financial proposal by researching, collecting and analysis of the customer status to determine the actual cost of implementation.
• Identifies the payment system to offer services on the basis of value payments (50% immediately after the signing of the contract - 50% at the end of the contract after the end of the fifth and final phase of the project).


• After sending the company request for qualification in specific quality management system and accepting the technical & financial proposal including the project action plan and the training programs schedule.
• The department proceed with the contract between NQI and the customer on the basis of following phases:
     - (Gap analysis -Training of personnel through systems awareness sessions and internal audit course - supervision on the system procedures and processes- Set the quality manual documentation - supervising the system implementation and ensuring the application for all related departments-Leading the internal audit activities and corrective & preventive actions)
    - Agreement to finish the qualification project within a specified period of time.
    - Agreement on the basis of financial payment system.

Qualification Projects Implementation

The qualification project manager follow- up the various phases of the project in order to meet the requirements of the quality management system, through the Associate team from 1st project phase of GAP Analysis till external audit and get the ISO certificate.

Maintenance and follow-up system for the development and continuous improvement

The consultation department after qualifying the entities in QMS and hold certificates, communicate and contracting with the entities management in case of a desire in following-up the system or maintenance or for continuous improvement actions through efficiency with proposing solutions and ideas with a guidance for excellence with expertise and professional skills of National Institute experts compared to those who depend on the profit only with a performance weak.

Some of the development systems that can be applied as improvement projects

   • Reengineering
   • Design manufacturing place layout
   • Develop warehouses systems
   • Performance Appraisal systems (KPI's)
   • Identify training needs (TNA)
   • 5S
   • Visual Management
   • Lean Manufacturing
   • SPC
   • Waste Management

Partners & Customers

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