Consultation Services

Consultation services in the Quality field

• Services concerned with the help of various companies and entities in establishment and implementation of quality management systems,especially ISO systems, also with its help in get certificates through meeting the requirements of standards.

• Technical consultancy in quality fieldsand solvesall problems related to.

Benefits for those on Certification of Quality Systems

• Business development through getting certificates by meeting the requirements of the international quality systems which applied widely around the world.

• Meet the requirements and conditions around Egypt, and the regional & international level as companies holds ISO certificates as a condition for approval as a supplier and service provider.

• The company which holds certification by meet the international quality standards reflects the efficiency achieved through customers satisfaction for their services and products, which is achieved by establishment and implementation of quality systems and quality assurance & quality control.

• Achieve efficiency by raising the level of performance internally by reduce errors, waste of resources, time and effort by reducing defects or returns leading to continuous improvement, which contributes to lower prices of goods & services offered by the companies with the required quality, also leads to increases the company's competitiveness by improving the image of the company's consumer and in global markets, adapted with the requirements dealing of international companies and entities.

• Increase the size of the business and enter new markets for getting a larger share of market.

• Provide and develop an integrated set of procedures that considered a guide to the administration & technical data, and contribute to the achievement performance for all operations in a better way.

• Enable the company to do a self-action audit and self-evaluation as well as motivate employees to work, morale have, and encourage them to contribute in the operations of the periodic audit to get to the best practice, keeps the certificate granted to them, as well as by QA to work through a documented system away from the traditional work system.

• The outstanding administrative system through ISO contributes to enable the institution to analyze the problems faced by them deal with it through corrective and preventive actions in order to prevent such problems from occurs in the future.

•The system enables all the institution officials for effective participation in the management, for further development and improvement in their respective fields, leaving a positive psychologically impact on employees, in addition to the system contributes to connect all parts of the institution and makes it work in harmony instead of having a management system secluded per section or department and this therefore leads to more discipline and more accurate analysis of the problems that can occur.

• The implementation system reduces the administrative bureaucracy quite get rid of a lot of repetitive actions and sometimes conflicting and give important touches & accurate in different areas, analyze and arrange support systems.

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