Technical Affairs Department

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Provide technical support to the industrial and service society!
Review Quality ManagementSystems implementation in industrial and service organizationsaccording to Ministerial Decree 835.
Register Industrial Entities that are ISO certified according to Ministerial Decree 835.
Issue validity certificatesto service providers working in Training and Consultation fields according to Ministerial Decree 347.
Technical Affairs Department is Responsible for National Quality Institute Membership for both Personnel and Organizations working in the different fields of quality.


The Ministerial Decree no 347 for year 2010

In order to organize and improve training&consultation activities in the field of quality management systems, environmental and safety at all,
This Ministerial decreeno 347 for year 2010 have been issued with the aim of evaluating and approving    the training&consultation services providers from National Quality institute  accordance  to  criteria  which had been included in training&consultation services providersvalidity  manual (NQI Manual ).
The advantages of implementation of The Ministerial Decree

1.The company obtains   cerifiicate to Authority of Training and consultation activities for 2 years.

2.The registration of the company at National Quality institute Data Base astraining&consultation services providers .

3.The company  isregistered at  industrial modernization Centre(IMC)astraining &consultation services providersin the field of quality management systems, environmental and safety at all.

Ministerial Decree No. 347 Clients

The Ministerial Decree No. 835 For The Year 2009

The Ministerial Decree No.835has been issued to motivate the factories and industrial firms in various fields and size to develop & apply modern management systems related to quality,There fore NQI has developed specific criteria for the establishment of quality systems to correspond with the size and activity of these firms.
And the consequent application oft he ministerial decree several benefits in clouding:

(1)Increase the competitiveness and export interest to facility.
(2)The firm will be compatible with the legislation and regulatory requirements.
(3)Increase the confidence and loyalty of the customer satisfaction towards the firm.
(4)Support Quality Management system and increases the efficiency of individuals and the quality of products
(5)Maintaining & enhance continuous improvement approach.

Ministerial Decree No. 835 Clients

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