Technical Support


Quality Technical Support for  industrial entities

•Assessment and evaluation of quality, environmental and safety management systems and related systems and provide the necessary technical support for improvement processes.

•Provide technical support in the areas of raising the quality of production in the various industrial sectors.

•Provide technical experts from universities and academies in order to support and solve problems that may correspond to manufacturers.

•Studying the current status of quality applications within the industrial and service sectors.

•Enhance the factories for quality applications and implementing systems associated with the quality filed.


Technical support for Consultancy & Training services providers

•Assessment and Evaluation of training and consulting services providers, service evaluation and give recommendations to improve the provision of these services.

•Provide international trainers and experts in the field of training.

•Provide training for certified trainers and consultants and raise their professional abilities.

•Provide Professional technical support and practical experience for quality service providers.



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