Fundamentals and Principles ISO 50001

Fundamentals and Principles ISO 50001

The efficient use of energy is becoming a very important aspect it affects organizations as well as society.


Course Objective:

- Trainees will understand the basics about energy and energy efficiency
- Trainees will understand energy management system
- Trainees will know how to identify energy management opportunities
- Monitor and continuously improve the energy management system

Course Duration

5 days

Course content

Day 1
- What is energy
- What is energy efficiency
- Energy management system
- Contents of ISO50001
- Planning and setting up an energy management system
- Energy Policy, Objectives and targets
- Energy baseline performance indicators
Day 4
- Communication, documentation and reporting
- Performance monitoring
Day 5
- Management system audits
- Continuous improvement

Who Should Attend?

- Energy and Environment managers/engineers
- Operation and production Managers/engineers
- Maintenance Managers/engineers


- Lectures
- Group work
- Workshop

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What are the activities delivered by NQI?

The Activities Delivered by NQI is Training and Education (Diploma & Masters), Consultation & Technical support

Where are the certificates accredited from?

The certificates are accredited from National Quality Institute-Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade

Who are the Instructors?

The Instructors are NQI Quality Experts as well as experts who work with NQI as free lancers

Could the certificates be registered in the ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Yes the certificates could be registered in the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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