Certified Professional Diploma in Quality Management

Certified Professional Diploma in Quality Management

National Quality Institute and Leadership and Management Center agreed to cooperate together for the welfare of the Egyptian society and the first aspect of cooperation resulted in the Certified Professional Diploma in Quality Management.

Course Objectives:

- Enhance and upgrade the skills and competencies of participants and to increase the number of qualified personnel in the field of Quality.
- The opportunity for the trainees to be promoted to higher positions.
- Allow trainees to understand and practice the latest quality systems and the know how of problem analysis and ways of solving.

Course outline:

Main Fields
First: Fundamental Concepts of Quality and Quality management system
Second: Planning and Quality Improvement
-  Quality planning
-  Statistical Techniques for quality improvement
Third: Quality Control and Quality assurance
Fourth: Management system and Implementation
- Quality Management system / International standard ISO 9001:2008
- Environment Management system / International standard ISO14000
- Occupational Health and Safety Management System / International standard OHSAS 180001
 Fifth: Modern system to upgrade Corporate Performance
- Total Quality Management
- European Excellence Model (EFQM)
    - Lean Production & 6 sigma
    - Case study Presentation & Discussion 

Who Should Attend

- All Personnel who wish to improve their competencies and skills for Top Management positions
- Quality Engineers, quality inspectors and quality specialists.
 Responsible Personnel for Quality Control and Quality Assurance-
- Personnel Working in different institutions implementing quality concepts.
- Personnel responsible for upgrading quality systems in their institutions.

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الأسئلة الشائعة

What are the activities delivered by NQI?

The Activities Delivered by NQI is Training and Education (Diploma & Masters), Consultation & Technical support

Where are the certificates accredited from?

The certificates are accredited from National Quality Institute-Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade

Who are the Instructors?

The Instructors are NQI Quality Experts as well as experts who work with NQI as free lancers

Could the certificates be registered in the ministry of Foreign Affairs?

Yes the certificates could be registered in the ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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